How to Use TagCrowd to Check Your SEO Efforts

Step 1

Call up the main page of TagCrowd. (Follow the link in Resources.) Paste your keyworded content into the template.

Step 2

Make any necessary adjustments to the default settings displayed below the template. You can alter the language in which the text is written; the number of most-frequently used words to be displayed in the tag cloud; and the minimum number of times a word must appear to show up in the tag cloud. You can also indicate if you want the number of uses of each word displayed along with the visualization; whether you want to ignore any particular words; and whether you'd like variations of root words considered as the same word.

Step 3

Click the "Visualize" button at the lower right corner of the template.

Step 4

Examine the tag cloud. Ascertain that your most important keywords show up in the largest and darkest type. Make sure the biggest and boldest words provide a good idea of what your content is about.

Step 5

Locate any non-essential words that are appearing too frequently. They subtract from SEO efforts. Edit your content to reduce their frequency.

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