What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for search engine optimization. You’ve built or had someone design and build your website.  You’re all done, right?  Wrong!  Design and
deployment of your finished website or web presence is step one. The only reason you’ve created a web presence is to let people know how wonderful you are or how wonderful your company and its products and services are.
This is where search engine optimization comes in.  Through strategically leveraged and written on page copy, text, images and video and through a descriptive title of your web page (usually not more than 80 characters), description of the page (usually up to 200 characters) and descriptive keywords, placed in an area of the web page html called meta data.  

By doing this, you make it easier for the top search engines (Google, Yahoo and Microsoft) to index or find your website. The ease by which the search engines can find your website will ultimately translate in a favorable position within the top keyword or key phrase category your website is predisposed to appear in.

For example, if you are selling “search engine optimization”, you would want your website to have an appropriate headline or title for your advertisement, followed by a brief description and keywords you think your customers would search on to find your business. On the webpage itself, in plain sight, you embellish your company and its search engine optimization services, without being repetitive or “spammy”. You follow this up with a before and after image or picture of a screen shot of an non optimized and optimized website, with the optimized website attributable to your search engine optimization or SEO company. Finally, embedded in the same webpage should be a video discussing your SEO business, with a subtitle such as “SEO and Video Optimization Discussion Video” and two sentences following the position of the video. These easy techniques are the foundation of SEO and will easily translate into favorable search engine positioning.


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